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Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, Professional Fundraiser, Toledo, OH

YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE NOW!  Just click the "Order Scrip" button in option 4 (after turning in the paperwork referenced in option 3) and make sure your order is delivered online or to the scrip drop-off box by Wednesday @ 12 NOON (no exceptions).  Otherwise, the traditional method of ordering is acceptable and you can use any of the forms in options 1 or 2.  Any questions regarding ordering can be placed to

1. Download the scrip order form in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. (Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

2. Download the scrip order form in MicroSoft Excel .xls format. (Note: this spreadsheet has formulas already written into it. If the spreasheet is used properly the totals should automatically be calulated at the top of the spreadsheet. Print the spreadsheet and return it to the appropriate MPSPA office.)

3. Don't forget to download, fill out and turn in the ACH paperwork so your payment can be deducted the Wednesday that your order is due.

4. Order Scrip Online - Click the button or login above!