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Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, Professional Fundraiser, Toledo, OH

Maumee Parochial School Parents Association, INC.

Printable Version of MPSPA Rules

1. In order to participate in the Maumee Parochial School Parents Association, INC. (“MPSPA”) tuition assistance incentive program (“Program”) and establish an account, you must attend an orientation meeting (consisting of a phone call or e-mail exchange going over the mechanics of the MPSPA), register for an account number and get a pick-up box (all done simultaneously). E-MAIL IS THE OFFICIAL MODE OF COMMUNICATION. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN E-MAIL ADDRESS YOU WILL NOT GET ANY NOTICE ABOUT THE MPSPA PROCEDURES, POLICIES AND DATES. (In short, if you don’t have an e-mail address...get one).

2. The percentage earned on each participating family’s account will be held in the Program’s bank account. The “rollover” amount earned by each family will be listed, by family account # (found on your label and order sheets), on the website ( under "My Account"; "MPSPA
"; "Financial Info" and will be updated weekly.  Any discrepancies must be brought to the WTPSPA President’s attention within 3 days. A family’s earnings will be clearly listed on each invoice the family gets with each order they receive. A family may check there fiscal year earnings by logging in to iScrip, scrolling down to “view my order history”, and scrolling to the bottom which will have that family’s earning for the present fiscal year. This will be your check against your statement. Your tuition assistance will be given to you in the form a check jointly payable to you and the Parochial School of your choice sometime after May 1st.

3. This program is being offered to provide tuition assistance for students of member families. Therefore, the tuition assistance collected by your efforts will only be paid to the Parochial School of your choice for tuition and other school fees. If your child does not yet attend parochial school your tuition assistance will be rolled over for use in the following year/s. If your child no longer attends Parochial School the tuition assistance held under your account can be transferred to another family’s account or, if that is not done by the end of the fiscal year, that amount will be rolled over for use in the following year/s.

4. The first $40 of tuition assistance generated by a family will be kept to pay general operating expenses. The percentages on the order form are exactly the amount of Tuition Assistance a family is generating. If Family X generates $1340 in tuition assistance. After May 1st Family X will get a check jointly payable to their parochial school of choice for $1300.00 ALL QUESTIONS GO TO
INCENTIVES:  If a MPSPA family orders more than $20,000 in scrip in a fiscal year it will recieve a full credit towards their $40 fee. If a MPSPA family refers another family it earns a $10 credit if that referred family orders via ACH once. Click here to download the MPSPA referral order form.

5. One order per participant per week. All families must have filled out ACH paperwork which will be used every Wednesday to pay for that family's respective order. This is NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE because the participants are receiving dollar for dollar value and the MPSPA is NOT a charitable organization but rather is a "not for profit organization."  Payments to the MPSPA are not to be considered, in any way, donations.

6. Any participant writing a non-sufficient fund payment or ACH will incur a fee of $40.00. The fee will have to be paid to MPSPA before your next order will be processed. If two NSF payments are tendered during the same fiscal year that participant will not be allowed to participate again (until that account is reconciled).  All ACH payments are processed Wednesday at 12 NOON ALL QUESTIONS GO TO

7. Order Drop-off: You must drop off your order on or before Wednesday by 12 NOON at the MPSPA drop box located at 2828 West Central Avenue, Basement, Toledo, OH 43606. After that time the orders will be processed and no new orders will be accepted. Make sure your order is complete with name, phone, total $$$, quantity, account number and E-MAIL address! UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTIFIED (via e-mail), THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING AN ORDER IS ALWAYS WEDNESDAY BY 12:45 P.M.! ALL QUESTIONS GO TO

8. Order Pick-up: Filled orders and new order forms will be available by Friday @ noon at the MPSPA pick-up boxes located at 2828 West Central Avenue, Basement, , OH 43606.  IF THE ORDERS ARE READY BEFORE Friday @ noon then an e-mail notice will be sent to all registered e-mail addresses stating that the orders are ready for pick-up. EACH MEMBER FAMILY IS REQUIRED TO GET THEIR ORDER BY 5:00 P.M. FRIDAY OR 5:00 P.M. THE DAY THE E-MAIL NOTICE IS SENT (whichever is earlier). The scrip boxes will be available on Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. YOUR SCRIP WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS! Each family will be given an individual pick-up box and a key. THIS KEY IS IRREPLACEABLE and as such if it is lost a new lock will need to be installed on your box at a cost of $40.00 paid by the family before they can continue in the scrip program. COUNT YOUR ORDER IMMEDIATELY AT THE PICK-UP SITE! If an order is incorrect immediately to report the discrepancy! If an order is removed from the pick-up site without communicating with the MPSPA or the day of the E-MAIL NOTICE has been sent (whichever is earlier) the member family is precluded from claiming that the order is incorrect in any way.  ALL QUESTIONS GO TO

9. When filling out your order please CALCULATE CORRECTLY. Please know what merchant’s have discontinued their scrip participation (you are notified via e-mail). If you submit an order that is incorrect in any way the MPSPA will adjust it in a manner that makes the most sense contextually. If you pay too much or order scrip that has been discontinued the MPSPA will adjust your order by substituting the scrip that is most equivalent to the discontinued scrip or, if there is no equivalent, then that family will receive that amount in the grocery scrip that they most often order. THERE WILL BE NO CALLS TO INDIVIDUAL FAMILIES TO CORRECT THEIR ORDER SO CHECK & RE-CHECK YOUR ORDER & YOUR ADDITION BEFORE SUBMITTING IT!

10. THESE GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE THE SAME AS CASH! Neither the MPSPA nor any individual volunteering for or employed by the MPSPA will accept or has any responsibility for lost, stolen or misplaced scrip. ALL QUESTIONS GO TO ALL RETURNS FOR WHATEVER REASON MUST BE APPROVED BY THE MPSPA via email from before any return is made. Scrip returned because of a MPSPA error will be cheerfully credited back to the family's account.  However, scrip mistakenly ordered by the family or ordered for a vendor that has closed or moved will be credited at MPSPA's discretion and subject to a 10% restocking fee.

11. Unless otherwise notified (via e-mail), the program will operate weekly. Please check your e-mails often for updated pick-up/drop-off schedules. An updated schedule will be announced (via e-mail) at various times throughout the year.


12. Finally, all complaints should be tempered by the fact that participation in this program is voluntary. Thank you.