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Northwest Ohio Scrip Association, Professional Fundraiser, Toledo, OH


Please instruct your supporters on the proper use of their gift cards:

- ALWAYS present only ONE GIFT CARD AT A TIME to a cashier. Do NOT hand over a batch of cards to be swiped by the cashier. Always ask for the used cards back (unless you are absolutely certain it has a -0- balance).

- Keep gift cards away from anything magnetic that can de-magnetize the strips on the backs of the cards; the value will remain, but the cards will not swipe properly.

- Use older gift cards first.

- Check out the terms on the backs of the cards - most don’t expire, but some do. Be aware if there is a non-use fee deducted.

- Keep track of the balances on your gift cards! We suggest you use a Sharpie and write the balance on the card itself.

- Don’t hesitate to use up the balances on your cards, even if the totals are small. You paid for every penny!

- Discard cards with a -0- balance once you are certain that is the case. Call the number on the back of the cards to verify your balance.

- Keep your eyes on the cashiers when they are handling your gift cards. Don’t leave any room for the possibility of abuse or mishandling of the cards.

- If there is a problem using the cards, speak with a store manager.

- Call the customer service number on the back of the card to handle any problems; if all else fails, have your customer give you the card number and then call NOSA.